Real Folk, Real Folkways

About Us

The Free Folk is a European folkbuilding effort based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We observe the basic tenets of Natural Law and seek to preserve and further European culture, spirituality, and folkway. We subscribe to a belief in Sacral Kingship, Tribal Assembly, Freedom of Conscience, and the Sacredness of Oaths. We subscribe also to a belief in wyrd (fate), trēowð (faith and fidelity), þéaw (custom and conduct), frið (peace within the tribe), grið (peace between tribes), weorðan (worthing), giefu (gifting), geistriht (guest right), and use of wergild (compensation).

The philosophy of the Free Folk is summarized in this motto: Frith (Peace), Folk (Tribe), Fellowship (Shared Purpose)


The Free Folk is not a religious group. Though the Tribe honors the Germanic Gods and Goddesses, and the religion of the Germans, Norse, Anglo-Saxons, and other peoples of Northern Europe is practiced by some of the Folk, religious affiliation or worship is not a requirement for membership.

 Magic & Shamanism

The Free Folk embraces a belief in magic and shamanism, and some of our members are practicing witches, shamans, and folk magicians.