Our Hearth, Hall & Heart


Idesheall is the home of Heiðrūn, Lady of the Free Folk, and the Mother Hall of the Tribe. Its name is taken from the Anglo-Saxon words ides meaning “virgin”, “lady”, “queen” and heall meaning “hall”. The Hall is dedicated to the Goddess Fréo and includes feasting and symbel halls in addition to living and working spaces. Outside is a sacred enclosure with wéohs (idols) and stones hallowed to the Gods and the Goddesses. Guests are received at Idesheall at the seasonal tides of Summerfinding, Winter Nights, and Yule and at other times periodically throughout the year.

The Lady

Heiðrūn is an independent European folkbuilder. She founded the Free Folk in 2006, but the roots of the tribe date back over 25 years. Inspired by the English Witchcraft tradition, Germanic Heathenry and European philosophy, Heiðrūn founded the Free Folk as a friðgeard (sanctuary) wherein those drawn to European culture, spirituality, and folkway might experience the rituals and traditions of the elder tradition in a spirit of peace and freedom. Heiðrūn received her ordination from the Esoteric Interfaith Church in Granbury, Texas, and has been a practicing godwif (priestess) and wicce (witch) since 1989.