A Circle Of Wisdom, Tradition & Troth


The Free Folk is led by the Lady, who is the Tribe’s Warder. The Lady serves (alone or together with her consort) as the social and spiritual head of the Folk and is the keeper of its luck. The Tribe is organized into three Rings. These are the Rings of Fostermen, Freemen, and Witan.

The Ring of Fostermen is comprised of those who are learners who have sworn the Pledge. This forms the outermost Ring and non-voting membership of the Folk.

The Ring of Freemen is comprised of those members who have sworn a Hold Oath. This forms the middle Ring and voting membership of the Folk.

The Ring of Witan is comprised of those witan (wise ones) appointed by the Lady as her advisors and peers. This forms the innermost Ring and wisdom of the Folk.


The Free Folk is a private community. As such we do not consider petitions for membership from the general public. To be considered for membership one must first become known to the Folk through personal referral or attendance at a Free Folk event and be observed for a period of time (usually a year). One must then secure the sponsorship of a Freeman in good standing or of the Lady herself (or her consort), swear the Pledge, and undertake a period of observation, learning, service, and obedience known as Fostermanship. If after Fostermanship has been successfully completed, it be deemed meet by the Tribe to accept the Fosterman as a full member, the Fosterman may petition his sponsor for release. Once released, the Freedman may then swear the Hold Oath and be made a Freeman of the Tribe, and be invested with his gifts, which represent his capital stock in the Tribe. If ever a Freeman breaks his Hold Oath or is outlawed by the Tribe, he must return these gifts without question.